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Winemaker Interview - Peter Fraser from Yangarra Estate


Today we introduce you to one of this countries most intuitive and talented winemakers, Peter Fraser from Yangarra Estate in McLaren Vale.

Winemaker interview - Louis Schofield from Worlds Apart Wines


Part of what we love at Wine Experience is finding awesome new winemakers and sharing their story and wines with our customers. We recently discovered Louis wines and they have quickly become a firm store favourite.

Winemaker interview - Nick Spencer of Nick Spencer Wines


Dedicated to producing exceptional, handcrafted wines that honour the New South Wales landscape.

Discover Pet Nat the quintessential party wine


Pet Nat wines are all the rage, once a rustic fringe wine for diehard natural wine lovers and peasant farmers, Pet Nat has hit the big time!

Nailing our colours to the mast!


Welcome to our new website - the independent wine store of the future

Shaw + Smith Pinot Noir Workshop, Brisbane 2019


We Love Pinot Noir - Scott's notes from the Shaw + Smith Pinot Noir Workshop, Brisbane 2019

Big buttery Chardonnay


Can you help me? I just want a nice buttery Chardonnay.....

Zalto Glassware


Zalto Glasses are simply the best wine glass on the market and a must for all wine lovers!

Is Cabernet Sauvignon in Crisis?


Is Cabernet in Crisis? Is it time to give Merlot more respect? Is Cabernet Franc a star or just a bit player? Discuss the current climate for Bordeaux varieties in Australia.

Is Viognier Australia's most underrated white wine grape variety?


Is Viognier Australia's most underrated white wine grape variety?

Gamay - A variety on the rise


It’s hard to think of a variety that holds more promise for the future in Australia than Gamay. A close friend of Pinot Noir, Gamay offers Pinot lovers an exciting alternative.

'Struck Match' characters in Chardonnay and White Burgundy


'Struck Match' characters in Chardonnay and White Burgundy - Human or Divine Intervention?

Natural and Lo-fi Wines


The term "Natural Wine" is thrown around a lot these days, but what does it mean?

The Shock of the New: The Rise and Rise of Jura Wine


Jura... "the greatest wine region on planet earth"?

Mayer Yarra Valley 2019 release tasting notes


Here are our thoughts on the new totally inspiring wines from Timo Mayers 2019 release.

Pinot Gris vs Pinot Grigio


With so many grape varieties out there, you can be forgiven for being a little confused about the difference between Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio. It's a question we get asked a lot instore. So what is the difference?

Winemaker Interview - Gareth Belton from Gentle Folk Wines


Continuing our project to interview as many great Australian winemakers as possible, today we want to introduce everyone to the very special wines of Gentle Folk in Adelaide's Basket Ranges. And introduce their creator, Gareth Belton.

Understanding Whole bunch fermentation with Michael Hall


Today we wanted to help you understand one of the wine worlds hot topics, whole bunch fermentation. It's a complex subject and we are definitely seeing more and more winemakers experimenting with this ancient technique.

Tessa Brown on Whole Bunch Fermentation


There is so much to learn when evaluating fine wines. And like listening to fine classical music there is so much more enjoyment if you understand the underlying structure and technique behind the music.

Minimal and sulphur free wine making by Owen Latta (Latta Vino)


Winemaker Owen Latta from Latta Vino is arguably the master of minimal sulphur or sulphur free winemaking in Australia. We are lucky enough today to have Owen’s personal testimony to his unique winemaking fundamentals and ethos around the subject.

Assyrtiko - Discover Greek White Wine


The Greek white wine Assyrtiko [pronounced: A seer' tee ko] is without a doubt one of the more remarkable wine discoveries we have had the pleasure of encountering recently.

New Zealand Pinot Noir Icons Ata Rangi, Felton Road and Valli Vineyards


These iconic producers have firmly positioned themselves at the peak of quality New Zealand Pinot Noir and offer a seriously stunning lineup of wines that belong in any Pinot lover’s cellar.

Producer Profile - Nervi Conterno - Gattinara - Piedmont


While writing this, I am drinking/tasting Nervi Conterno's Gattinara 2017. It is a beautiful, hauntingly delicate Nebbiolo with all the finesse you'd expect from Roberto Conterno and this high elevation mountainous region, albeit with a touch more sweet fruit in the warmer 2017 season, which makes it irresistible to drink even now.

The Rise and Rise of Cru Beaujolais - The Gang of Four


So we hope this blog inspires you to rediscover this beautiful region and its impressive wines, as interpreted by some of the best winemakers in France. Enjoy.

Domaine Prieure Roch 2018 Vintage release


The Domaine was established in 1998 by one of Burgundy’s most notable names, Mr Henri Roch who was also the co-director of Domaine de la Romanée Conti & the grandson of the legendary Henri Leroy. 2018 is truly a red wine vintage at Domaine Prieuré Roch.

Pyramid Valley - New Zealand


“You may think you know New Zealand wines but I can assure you that until you have tasted Pyramid Valley, you have no idea. The results speak for themselves: astonishingly good, terroir-expressive wines that will challenge all your preconceptions.” Lisa Perrotti-Brown, The Wine Advocate.

Low Sugar Wine Australia


Many wine lovers around Australia and the world are looking to reduce their sugar intake, but still love a glass of wine. When thinking about sugar content and calories, the key term is ‘Residual Sugar’ or RS. It’s a term used in the wine industry to measure the sugar content and thus sweetness of wine and is expressed in grams per litre (g/L).

The Best Tasmanian Pinot Noir


Accounting for just over 1% of Australia's total wine production, Tasmania is the tiny but mighty hotspot for ultra-premium wines. Naturally pristine, with a truly cool climate, dry Autumns and days with extended sunlight hours, Tasmania has ideal conditions for high-quality wines. It has garnered a reputation for producing exceptional wines in a very short period

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