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A new era in cost-effective fundraising! Wine Experience aims to make your fundraising initiative both fun and successful.

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A new era in cost-effective fundraising!

A new era in cost-effective fundraising! Fundraising for your school, charitable organisation or club can be a tough, unrewarding business. The everyday financial demands on people today are heavy and spare cash is exactly that - spare. Modern fundraising initiatives need to be simple, cost-effective and generate high-level returns if they are to be successful. More importantly, they need to treat people as "consumers" rather than "donors". They need to tap into what products people consume on a regular basis and deliver savings and opportunities they could not encounter elsewhere. Market research shows that the majority of Australian households buy and consume wine on a weekly basis. Why not direct their expenditure to an affordable, quality product that is branded under your organisations own label and which delivers direct financial benefits to your fundraising cause? By involving WINE EXPERIENCE, your charitable or fundraising organisation will incur no financial outlay. To utilise us as your fundraising vehicle simply send us the orders that we will fulfil inclusive of delivery and with your organisation's uniquely designed label. Then we will send you a cheque for the amount raised. For these and many other reasons, raising funds through wine sales is a proven win-win situation for all parties!

Why raise money through wine?

Even if your fundraising group is not large, the dollar-for-dollar return on specialised wine sales is a proven earner that can outperform almost any other single fundraising initiative. Why? Because it taps into a quality consumer product that people buy anyway, and because it delivers them real savings on their normal expenditure. The Wine Experience team takes the hard work out of your fundraising objectives. We can help you select a quality choice of cleanskin wines, develop personalised labels, communicate your fundraising message to your potential supporters and distribute your personalised product to the many people who have taken advantage of this genuine cost-saving opportunity. For a minimal amount of organisation, Wine Experience can help your group achieve outstanding fundraising objectives.

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