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The Wine Experience Collection

Sourced directly from leading wineries across Australia by the dedicated Wine Experience team, our mission is to discover wines that offer unbeatable value for everyday drinking. With a comprehensive range of varieties, regions and styles, you are sure to find a delicious wine for every budget and occasion. How do we do it? By cutting out the middleman, we can pass that saving along to you and offer the wines at prices well below their branded equivalents. All wines wear the Wine Experience label with pride and go through a rigorous selection process, which is your assurance of quality. The idea behind these wines is simple, yet powerful and goes to the heart of why we started the business in 2004. As the wines are sourced directly from quality wineries, the winemaker receives a fair price and you, the consumer, receive unbeatable value. It's a classic win-win situation. Drink Up!

Winery Direct Series

Our winery direct series offers exceptional value for everyday drinking. Don't let the price tag fool you! As with the Reserve wines, these wines are made by leading winemakers, although we can't reveal their identity on the label. Sourced from across the country, we offer a diverse range of varieties and styles. You are sure to find a wine for every occasion and budget in the range. Current customer favourites include our plush Mornington Peninsula Pinot Noir, softly textured Adelaide Hills Pinot Grigio, crisp Clare Valley Riesling and full flavoured Frankland River Chardonnay.

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Winery Direct (Red Label)

Winemaker Series

The pinnacle of quality and always in short supply, these wines are made by some of Australia's leading winemakers sourcing grapes from exceptional vineyards in the most sought after regions. As these wines are made just for us, the winemaker's name adorns the label with pride. These are exceptional wines to be enjoyed with friends and family. The current selection includes a juicy Barossa Valley Shiraz from ninth-generation winemaker Marco Cirillo.

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Winemaker Series

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