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Warm Days, Cool Nights

Warm Days, Cool Nights

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Mixtape Wine Packs

How does it work?
Sign up and once a month we will email you with a mixtape selection of six amazing wines, including detailed tasting notes and the reasons why we chose them. Simply add the pack to the cart and checkout as normal. Shipping charges are calculated depending on your postcode.

Do you offer a subscription service?
Not yet, but we will. Watch this space. When we do it will be an opt-in service so you only get what you want when you want it. No contracts, no fuss.

Can i gift a Mixtape pack to a friend?
Absolutely, what could be better than giving the gift of awesome wine in a kickass box! Just change the shipping address during the checkout process and feel free to add in a special message that we can write on the box.

These have been a long time in the planning. Wine packs aren’t a new thing but we wanted to reach right into the heart of what a pack means to us at Wine Experience.

When I was growing up, creating a mixtape of your favourite songs to share with your friends was almost the height of gifting, a way to show someone that they were worth the time and energy required to create your collection of tunes, painstakingly devised and executed in your bedroom, boxed with a tracklist dutifully filled out on the back. Maybe you even threw in a collection name or immortalised that moment in your life with a “John’s Faves ’90”?

We wanted to try and seize that nostalgic sentiment and pay homage to the Mixtape by creating our Wine Experience Mixtape Wine Packs.

In an unashamed effort to create an extremely cool box, we have had a flat six-pack wine box created (pictured here) that we hope will immediately catapult you back to heady days of the mixtape music frenzy that broke out throughout suburban homes all over the country.

Resplendent in its retro-themed black, white and orange tape with the tracklist sleeve inside the box lid, where we will record each wine of your pack. If you are a sucker for a good box like I am, then this is box de jour.

The pack is a lot more than just a cool box, it's six wines that we have banded together under a theme that we think you will love drinking. Be it fresh, clean and uncomplicated ‘Poolside Perfection’ or the darker, earthy and fuller-bodied ‘Misty Mountain Hop’ pack, the joy of discovery will be front and centre of every pack. Sometimes the wine nerds at Wine Experience will collate the packs, sometimes our friends further afield in wine will guest DJ their ‘Hits of Summer’.

All of these packs will be opt-in, if you like the look of it, you buy. No pressure. Pretty simple. Just sign up, be on the list and you’ll get the offers.

Michael Nolan

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