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"Do you like the label? I wanted to do the Flapper Turtle on the first release but I thought it might be a bit much. I'm so excited. I love her so much," laughed the 2016 winner of the Young Gun of Wine. Well, we love the label and we love the wine inside too.

There's a sense of whimsy to Josephine Perry's Yokel label but, as always with Jo, the whimsy is underpinned by thoughtfulness and an expression of self. While Dormilona has a foot squarely in the natural camp, there is equal weight placed on varietal & regional expression. Yokel is more stylistically driven.

The approach to style and humour is a nice element to both Dormilona and Yokel and of the two brands, Yokel is the more experimental, mischievously minded.


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Yokel Grenache - Swan Valley
Vintage: 2020 | Type: Reds | Producer: Yokel
Region: Western Australia

The bush vine Grenache is dry grown & was established in the 1950’s by the Vino Italia family vineyard middle Swan. Cracking fruit, hand...

$24.30as part of any six
$27.00single bottle
$291.60per case of 12

Product Vintage Price Min order
Yokel Grenache - Swan Valley 2020
$24.30 as part of any six
$27.00 single bottle
$291.60 per case of 12

1 to 1 of 1 Products

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